What is the Process of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy?

1. Initial Qualification: We will conduct a telephone meeting with you and ask some questions about your policy and your general health. We will discuss whether you are best suited for a viatical settlement option, a life settlement option, or a retained benefits option.

2. Document Collection Analysis: Once we have discussed possible options with you and assessed if you qualify, we will have you sign some initial documents that will allow us to get copies of your life insurance policy and medical records. This is the longest part of the process. Because we do not have access to your medical records until they are released to us, this is really the part of the process that you can help control the most. Being proactive with your medical provider(s) is really the most important thing you can do here.

3. Be Presented With a Choice of Options: First Heritage will present you with options. We will shop your policy to several funding sources who are usually hedge funds, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals. We will come back with various options that will allow you to sell your entire policy or keep some of the benefits for your beneficiaries.

4. Choose Which Option Works Best for You: Once you have decided what decision is best for you and your family, you will make a choice and sign documents agreeing to your terms. We then will wait for your life insurance company to process the paperwork.

5. Receive Your Funds

Let's Explore If Selling
Your Policy Is a Good Option